Designed by OLEVI and facilitated by experienced school leaders and teachers, the Outstanding Facilitator Programme enhances the leadership of teaching and learning in your schools and prepares a school based team of accredited facilitators, who can facilitate the OTP and ITP within the OLEVI Teaching and Learning Syllabus. Utilised by National Teaching Schools, the OFP has gained a reputation for helping raise standards in teaching and learning. 


To help teachers to:

  • be accredited to facilitate the OTP and ITP in their schools
  • challenge expectations at the very core of teaching and learning and help build a coaching ethos to support change
  • improve the quality and consistency of your teaching and learning and ensure your staff fully understand what constitutes a good/outstanding lesson through outstanding facilitation
  • build learning partnerships between key team players, who will strategically support the leadership of teaching and learning
  • ensure your staff develop the key skills to facilitate, lead, focus and coach colleagues and pupils effectively

The programme is a key part of the OLEVI portfolio of school-to-school support, which is helping to increase capacity and drive up standards in all schools. Among many benefits, this programme helps schools to work more effectively as a school team and improve their collaboration with other schools and organisations.

The Outstanding Facilitator Programme:

  • develops a positive ethos and expectation where the quality of teaching and learning is continually role modelled at an outstanding level
  • improves the quality of teaching and learning through high level facilitation
  • develops confidence through accreditation of facilitating the ITP and OTP (and OTAP, see separate flyer)
  • enables engagement with a team of aspirational practitioners who challenge teaching and learning
  • motivates and gives focus on the importance of deepening teaching and learning


This programme is open to outstanding practitioners who are wholly supported by the Headteacher and who will be given the capacity to work within a team of other outstanding teachers to lead the facilitation of the OLEVI programmes.

Ideally one of the delegates would be the lead facilitator who would also take the role of the school project manager and liaise with OLEVI. It is important that both the lead facilitator and the Headteacher understand the ethos and programmes fully to aid the smooth running of the programmes and to strengthen the impact.


The rigour and challenge of this programme has been recognised by the DFE and National College as being key to the success of this sustainable form of professional development.

“Our outstanding facilitators have contributed to the school’s developing ‘open door’ culture. Teachers have a sense of pride about what they do and value the feedback from lesson observation. Facilitation has had a broader impact on the engagement of individuals to grow their capacity to develop teaching and learning beyond their classroom.”

 Liz Nicholls, Headteacher, Ripley St. Thomas Academy

“Simply the best professional development we’ve had in years – on many levels. Truly motivational, leaving us wanting to go back and work with our staff on developing teaching and learning. We liked the challenge of the three days as well as the inspiring nature of the facilitation which was role modelling DR ICE®.”

OFP delegates, Hastings and Rother

“My thinking has been challenged and it has given me the tools and confidence to facilitate a Teaching School programme.”

OFP delegate, The Earl’s High School


For schools that already have a working knowledge and understanding of the OLEVI Teaching and Learning Syllabus there is a three day OFP that covers ethos, context, expectations, facilitation skills, the content of the OLEVI OTP and ITP programmes, the non-negotiables, the facilitated activities, accreditation and quality assurance.

This programme accredits the delegates to facilitate the Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP). Facilitators who wish to facilitate the Power of Coaching module within the OTP would need to attend a further 1½ day POC Train the Trainers programme.

Headteachers are asked to send a minimum of two delegates for co-facilitation of programme delivery. We would be happy to discuss individual requirements.

Schools/organisations wishing to facilitate the ITP/OTP need to be licensed with OLEVI.  Please refer to the OLEVI Annual Membership Licence available in the Resource section of their website.(Click here)

Schools/organisations facilitating the ITP/OTP will be subject to an annual Quality Assurance (QA) visit by OLEVI. These visits are supportive in nature and help ensure effectiveness and quality of the programme. The cost of the QA visit is £625 (excluding VAT).


£680 (excluding VAT) per delegate


22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2020 

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