The Power of Coaching – Train the Trainer


The Power of Coaching – Train the Trainers programme has been designed by the creators of the OTP and ITP to enhance the leadership of teaching and learning through promoting effective coaching. This programme is primarily designed to certify teachers who are accredited OLEVI facilitators to undertake the facilitation of the coaching element of the Outstanding Teacher Programme.


The programme:

  • provides opportunities for facilitators to engage in a range of activities and access theories behind effective coaching practices
  • exemplifies how to implement coaching in a range of professional contexts from the classroom to the training room
  • enables you to select your own coaching model to articulate to others
  • links coaching to outstanding practice and how to achieve outstanding learning
  • accredits facilitators to undertake the delivery of the coaching element of the OTP

The programme is a key part of the OLEVI portfolio of school-to-school support, which is helping to increase capacity and drive up standards in all schools. Among many benefits, this programme helps schools to work more effectively as a whole school team and improve their collaboration with other schools and organisations.


Effective ‘buy-in’ and facilitation of this programme develops a culture of promoting a desire to make a difference to student learning; a commitment to professional learning; a belief in the abilities of colleagues to move forward; and a commitment to developing emotional intelligence. The facilitator will be:

  • accredited to facilitate the coaching element of the Outstanding Teacher Programme
  • more reflective in their understanding and application of DR ICE® and coaching across the school
  • Confident, Assertive, Resilient, Driven and Successful in the facilitation of coaching (CARDS©)


Delegates who attend the programme are required to meet the following criteria:

  • have been successfully accredited on the Outstanding Facilitator Programme
  • have facilitated at least one Improving Teacher Programme and/or an Outstanding Teacher Programme
  • be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the theory behind coaching and the skills and processes involved
  • have experience in coaching both groups and individuals
  • be able to demonstrate a track record of success through coaching
  • have received endorsement from their Headteacher on their ability to coach

Evaluation and Impact

Some of the WWWs of recent sessions:

“The programme deepened my understanding of coaching models. It was good to experience the flow and how things relate to each other. I now feel confident to use the activities to develop the understanding of coaching.”

“Well structured. There was a clear understanding of how the programme runs in terms of activities, underlying theory and connections to Teaching & Learning. I could see how the knowledge was being build on each time.”

“Tools that support profound thinking despite their simplicity.”


“This programme has given me the skills, strategies, resources and confidence to become a better  and more effective coach. I will employ coaching with colleagues when helping them to develop their pedagogy and use it in the classroom with students to develop their own thinking processes!”

Keri Griffiths, Tuxford Academy

“The thought provoking and challenging activities help question existing and developing roles as a coach vs mentor and provide clarity between the two. I feel inspired to go and try different approaches within the different areas of teaching and learning: enhancing the teaching and learning of my students in developing their independence; applying coaching techniques within my role as a subject leaders; and facilitation of coaching as part of the OTP.”

Katy Magor,  Earls High School


The Power of Coaching Programme Train the Trainers is a two day programme for 12 – 15 delegates packed with practical activities, tools and techniques that can be utilised back in your school. The programme is specifically designed to facilitate the OTP coaching elements as well as developing a long term coaching strategy. Individual places can be booked at the DOCs or a bespoke package can be developed for larger schools and Teaching School Alliances.


RRP £680 (excluding VAT) per delegate


27th and 28th February 2020

25th and 26th June 2020


You can book onto our upcoming Power of Coaching Train the Trainer programmes by using the link below.

BOOKING FORM – 27th and 28th February 2020

BOOKING FORM – 25th and 26th June 2020