School to School Support

The Teaching School works strategically with other schools and providers within the regional and sub-regional network to ensure that any school can engage in school-led improvement. The Teaching School is also wholly committed to diagnose and provide high quality support to schools in need at all levels, particularly through the DfE’s current School Improvement ‘19/20 Strategy, with Mr Kapur, NLE having undergone the mandatory training to permit us to undertake such support work.

The Dean Trust is also regularly requested to provide larger scale support for schools and academies. The decision to undertake such support is taken at Executive level, which will ultimately be dependent on our capacity and wider MAT strategy.

School-to-school support activity is underpinned by:

  • Contribution to the SI 19/20 Strategy, coordinated by the regional TSC
  • Strategic NLE commissions, potentially to support our MAT growth strategy
  • Targeted recruitment of SLEs from the Trust and beyond, and providing them with training and support for their effective deployment into the school improvement market
  • Ongoing development of our systems and processes which ensures a high quality service provides demonstrable impact whilst being sensitive to work-load